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Rent a polishing machine

Due to most Marinas requiring ridiculous rules and costs for outside contractors to work on your boat and in their facilities, we have started a DIY fuel polishing machine rental system so that boat owners who are already paying premium rates for mooring fees are able to save up to 70 percent of the cost of a “Professional Fuel Polishing Operator”. Our rental plant does the exact same job, to the exact same if not better international specifications, using the most modern "state of the art" USA machines. We do not necessitate the removal of the fuel from your boat into a tanker that then polishes it on the way back in to your tank, that's all smoke and mirrors stuff to convince you of the insane cost of polishing you will be invoiced for.

What is Diesel Bug?

Diesel bug, or microbial contamination, occurs when bacteria, fungi, and algae grow in stored diesel fuel due to water accumulation in tanks or diesel purchased from contaminated tanks. This leads to a sludgy substance normally over time turning black, that can clog filters, corrode tanks, block fuel injectors, damage engines and impact engine performance. To prevent it, maintain clean fuel tanks, polish your fuel to remove 99.9 percent of water and contaminants, use biocides after polishing, and regularly check fuel quality. Addressing diesel bug is crucial to maintain the reliability and efficiency of diesel engines, especially in boats relying on stored fuel.

Become a Licensee ?

There is no licence / franchise fee, apart from the initial purchase price that includes all the machinery, training in Brisbane (You pay costs of travel, accommodation and support while here). We are then available by phone / zoom or whatever and we all expand together. The machinery is basically ID 10 proof. We can supply you the filters, and we manufacture mini fuel polishing machines you can on sell to clients to fit to their vessels. If you are interested to get into an easy to operate and very profitable cash (while its still legal) rental business that could make you way more than working for a boss – get in touch for a confidential discussion to see if we can work together. We will require the signing of an NDA prior to discussions

Do it Yourself Fuel Polishing

DIY diesel fuel polishing by renting our DIY state of the art Diesel Fuel Polishing contaminant and water removal machine for maximum boat performance. Diesel fuel polishing companies give you a run around and blow smoke up your exhaust and will tell you that you need their $30K machine, (that's what they cost yes).... BUT if you are able to follow simple verbal and written instructions, we will have you polishing your own fuel in under 20 minutes. We deliver (Presently only Gold and Sunshine coasts and Brisbane but we are opening nationally and looking for licensees), we instruct and we explain it. Its simple and I started this business due to being tired of being ripped off after a lifetime of boating. The Diesel Fuel Polishing Machine will only do Diesel fuel and any other fuels are prohibited, disclosure to be signed.

Rental includes delivery, spare filters (not charged if not used and returned in original packing), full very simple verbal and written instructions on site, gloves, rags, plastic bags (in case you change the filter), baby sitting service if chosen see below, collection.

If you have dirty filters - you have contamination. Contamination is the "bug" a kind of black algae that grows on the water layer between the diesel and water in your fuel tank, this clogs filters, stalls engines, injectors and can cause thousands of dollars damage. Water contamination can be due to condensation in the tank or dirty fuel purchased from a bowser, polishing the diesel is needed to ensure smooth boating operations.

Rent the Polisher - 1

We deliver the polisher to your boat (areas that are serviced), We give you  30 minutes instruction and advice. Depending on the size of your fuel tank, which we discuss before you rent (as larger tank capacities require longer a longer time to polish) you get to use the machine for a minimum of 4 hours and we then collect the machine when you are finished. (The machine will polish 350 litres per hour and we prefer to run it through 3 times)

Rent the Polisher + we babysit - 2

As most marinas have over the top rules and regulations regarding contractors, some even getting up to 20% of your invoice amount, we will rent you the machine as described in 1, plus we will sit with you, observe as bystanders and verbally make sure your experience is the best you can have. We cannot operate the machine for you due to Marina rules and regulations whilst you are in a marina.

Supply of DIY permanent Fuel Polishing systems

With over 60 years in the industry we are more than qualified to supply a complete fuel polishing system for your vessel. This will be supplied with all parts needed as well as instructions on how to install for your specific vessel. We will have to visit you to do a quote. This will permanently polish your fuel so that if you are cruising you can cruise with peace of mind no matter where you purchase the fuel

Licensee Information

We are looking for owner operators nationwide to join this exciting and affordable to both Boat owners and licensee operators. We offer full training in Brisbane at your cost of getting here and accommodation. Training is completed in a day, you DO NOT have to be a mechanic or engineer, just have a passion for boats (and also earth moving equipment is a big growing demand). If you are practical, can read, can understand simple instructions and are looking to earn an income that's easily able to pay off your investment in a very short time whilst helping boaties save up to 70% on costs charged by "Experts" - get in touch for a no obligation chat to see if we are mutually compatible. The Licence cost includes full training, your own Polishing, de-watering and fuel drying machine as well as continuous support via phone, zoom and or email. Our website will add licensees as they come on line so you will get direct enquiries from your areas as well as your own (name@dieselbugbusters.com.au) email address.

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